Async Client with 1K connections?

Paul Rubin http
Tue Feb 10 09:38:43 CET 2004

williamichang at (William Chang) writes:
> I need extremely efficient and robust _client_ software for some
> common protocols like HTTP and POP3, supporting 1,000 simultaneous
> independent connections and commensurate network throughput.  The data
> get written to files or sockets, so no GUI needed.
> I am not a Python programmer :-( but I am a "fan" :-) and I have been
> reading about asyncore/Medusa/Twisted -- which would be my best bet?

Seriously, I'd probably use asyncore since it's the simplest.  Twisted
is more flexible but maybe you don't need that.

Why do you want to write this client in Python?  What is it doing?

Rather than going crazy tuning the software, you can parallelize it
and run it on multiple boxes.  Does that work for you?

> Any advantage to using a particular unix/version -- Linux 32/64bit? 
> FreeBSD 4/5? Solaris Sun/Intel?

Google has something like 8000 servers in its farm, running 32 bit
Linux, so they're probably onto something.  Solaris is a lot slower.
64 bit Linux is maybe too new to deploy in some big production system.

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