Python vs. Io

Daniel Ehrenberg LittleDanEhren at
Sun Feb 1 03:08:15 CET 2004

> Do you know why the creator of IO decided not to use the now-ubiquitous 
> "." operator? I don't know whether I can define a "." operator that has 
> the appropriate behaviour but that wouldn't help anyhow.
>   Paul Prescod

In the opinion of the creators of Io, a space looked cleaner. Using a
period looks kinda like you're finishing a sentence and starting a new
one. Consider the following syntaxes:

Dog barks //Io
Dog.barks() #Python

Regardless of which one is more common, which looks more like
You say that "." is more ubiquitous, but "{}" is more ubiquitous than
":" by far, yet Python uses the latter and we don't complain. (note
that in Io, unlike other languages with similar syntax such as Ruby,
functions are first class objects.)

Daniel Ehrenberg

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