How your company think about python?

Ed Suominen ed-no at
Wed Feb 4 07:46:31 CET 2004

I have been quietly developing scripts for my own use with TCL and have been
sitting out the newsgroup for about a year. I was very pleased to see the
level of continued activity.

One of my next major projects will be a redesign of my website. I took a
look at the various options for a dynamically generated site, including
various packages written in different scripting languages. But what I
decided on was tclhttpd.

getwellness4u at wrote:

> What apparent death of Tcl ?
> What limitations of Tk for crossplatform death ?
> js
> On 19 Aug 2002 07:32:22 -0700, tim at (Tim Lesher) wrote:
>>d2002xx <d2002xx at> wrote in message
>>news:<20020818190150.09802b6e.d2002xx at>...
>>> Would you tell me how your company (or your boss, colleagues) think
>>> about python? A possible next-generation mainstream? Or just another
>>> script? Or they even never heard it?
>>The short answer is "A replacement for Tcl".
>>We currently use Tcl as the UI for a crossplatform applications; given
>>the apparent death of Tcl and the limitations of Tk for good
>>crossplatform UI work, we're switching to Python/wxPython.
>>Tim Lesher
>>tim at
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