PyCrypto and RSA

Gandalf gandalf at
Sat Feb 28 16:06:18 CET 2004


I think you should not do this. RSA encryption is quite expensive (in 
terms of processor time). You should only encrypt
a session key with RSA and then use that session key with a symmetric 
algorigthm (e.g. Blowfish, AES, TwoFish etc)
to encode a large file. You can create a session key from a 
cryptographically secure PRNG (Pseudo Random Number

Well, this was not actually an anwer to your question. I did not want to 
offend you. It was only a suggestion.



Carmine Noviello wrote:

>I want to say first of all that I'm totally a newbie in cryptography world.
>Is there someone can show me a simple example on how to use PyCrypto lib and
>RSA to encrypt large text file? I'm trying to do it in this way.
>First of all I split the text file in sub parts each one of  key.size() // 8
>size. Then I encrypt using RSA PublicKey algorithm and store each line in a
>target file. This is the pseudo-code:
>size = len(plaintext)
>bits = []
>pos = 0
>chunklen = key.size() // 8
>while pos < size:
>     cipheredText = key.encrypt(plaintext[pos:pos+chuncklen], "")
>     bits.append(cipheredText[0])
>     pos += chunklen
>This code seemingly works. I have problems with the code that decrypts the
>ciphered text.
>blocksize = (privkey.size() // 8) + 1
>plaintext = ""
>line =
>while line != "":
>     plaintext += privkey.decrypt(line)
>     line =
>Often, but not every time, this code raise an exception "Ciphertext too
>large". I can't understand where I went wrong.
>Thanks in advance.

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