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Sun Feb 22 05:27:59 CET 2004

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> Is there a function that takes a list and predicate, and returns two
> lists -- one for which the predicate is true and one for which it is false?
> I know I can call filter(p, list) and filter( not p, list) or something like
> that, but I assume it would be more efficient to do it in one pass.

Not too hard to write your own:

def filtersplit(p, iterable):
    ptrue = []
    pfalse = []
    for x in iterable:
        if p(x):
    return ptrue, pfalse

> Actually I probably can't call "not p", I would have to wrap p in a function
> notP or something.  Or is there a shortcut for lambda(x) : not p(x)?  I
> guess it isn't that long : )

itertools.ifilterfalse negates the condition for you.

|David M. Cooke

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