QWidget casts with PyQt?

Michael Pyle mpyle at legato.com
Fri Feb 20 19:05:36 CET 2004

Just use the reference you get back as a QButtonGroup object.

The following code works fine for me:

from qt import *

app = QApplication([])
box = QToolBox()
grp = QButtonGroup()
box.addItem( grp, 'button group' )
item = box.item( 0 )
print item
print item.isRadioButtonExclusive()

This outputs:
<__main__.qt.QButtonGroup object at 0x00804360>


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Stefan Quandt wrote:
> I want to access widgets from a Qt container widget e.g.
>   item = ToolBox.item( 0 )
> I know that the item is a QButtonGroup.
> The Qt-Library returns a QWidget pointer.
> So what I get is a Python QWidget wrapper object.

This is quite a general problem for which I would like to know a solution

  --  Ewald

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