PEP 327: Decimal Data Type

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Thu Feb 5 15:18:12 CET 2004

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Dan Bishop <danb_83 at> wrote:
>For money, it means that I have *exactly* $1.80.  This is because
>"dollars" are just a notational convention for large numbers of cents.
> I can just as accuately say that have an (integer) 180 cents, and
>indeed, that's exactly the way it would be stored in my financial
>institution's database.  (I know because I used to work there.)  So
>all you really need here is "int".  But I do agree with the idea of
>having a class to hide the decimal/integer conversion from the user.

Really.  What kind of financial institution was this?  They didn't need
to deal with any form of fractional pennies?
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