Is there Multi-media support in Python ?

Will wstandley at
Mon Feb 16 14:05:56 CET 2004

Is there multi-media support in Python? So I can...

1 - play video in all the standard formats... windows & Mac?
2 - play flash files
3 - Power Point
4 - Standard graphic formats
5 - Sound in all the standard formats
6 - etc

Please note requirements: And, on video's, flash files, Power Point, Graphic
files, I need to have those show within my programs "window" along with some
other text... so I need to be able to size the video and locate it in the
window... so if the program simply pop's up the Windows Media Player or
QuickTime or whatever as a separate window... no good... it all needs to be
integrated into a single window along with text and other stuff...

If so, is it in the standard release or has someone created a module just
for multi-media integration?

Thanks for any help - Will

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