Pythonwin - breaking out of infinite loop

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Mon Feb 9 11:54:36 CET 2004

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>> >From: Graham [mailto:gsmith at]
>> >How do I stop a Python program running in PythinWin?  I would 
>> >expect to be
>> >able to use CTR-C or CTRL-break etc.
>> >
>> Find the Python icon in the systray (next to the clock at the
>> bottom right of the screen). Right-click and select
>> "Break into running code" (or something like that)
>It doesn't seem to work. I've tried it about fifty times (about ten
>different runs on various recursive algorithms, clicking it about five
>times each until I give up), and it has worked exactly one time.
>Is there anything more useful for breaking out of infinite loops /
>bottomless recursion / unexpectedly slow algorithms that doesn't bring
>down Pythonwin too?

Well if that doesn't work, I don't know what will. Obviously, you could
put guard code / watchdogs in your code (or run it outside PythonWin
while you're testing potential infinite recursion).


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