Funnying the From (was: OT: Recommended news reader?)

Paul Tomblin ptomblin+netnews at
Thu Feb 5 21:54:27 CET 2004

In a previous article, claird at said:
>I didn't know that "From:" *could* be customized through
>common configurations.  Does anyone know how to set it
>with trn(1)?  I'm not even asking for switches between

Assuming you're using one of the 4.0 versions of trn, in your .trn/trnrc:

NEWSHEADER='Newsgroups: %(%F=^$?%C:%F)
From: %L+netnews at (%N)
Reply-To: %L+replyto at (%N)
Subject: %(%S=^$?%"\\n\\nSubject: ":Re: %S)
%(%R=^$?:References: %R
)Organization: %o
%(%D=^$?:Distribution: %D

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