Session CGI!

John johng2001 at
Tue Feb 24 16:34:43 CET 2004

Tim Roberts <timr at> wrote in message news:<crvl30dj3mduqo8rbl1qqgij7mj9r87tng at>...
> johng2001 at (John) wrote:
> >> You could use cookies and/or database writes.
> >
> >Sadly that is what I want to avoid :-(
> Well, there isn't any magic avaiable, even in Python.  Either you use a
> port and an appserver or you store your session data somewhere.  I'm not
> sure what you were hoping to find.

I am not looking for magic. What I am looking for is an elegant
solution to manage session info like in ASP/PHP, both of which have
doing this for quite a while. It's hardly exotic. It has been a couple
of years since I last used ASP, but I think it was session("var") =
value in ASP. Can't be simpler than that. Similar stuff in PHP
session_register. It manages Client side Cookies under the hood. Nicer
if the session info is maintained as server side cookies with a unique
SessionID. At this point, I do not know if that can be done. Sessions
are important for me since the site is membership based.

All these nice and comprehensive Python web app framewoks I looked at
so far DO have session support but need additional ports to be open or
act their own servers. That's OK if you have your own machine for
server but my admin will think twice before he installs one of those
for my non-critical app. PHP does not seem to need that. But I prefer
Python if I can help it.

If I don't find quick 'n' easy session management, maybe I will at
least figure out common web app design patterns with cookies.

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