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Wed Feb 25 19:46:53 CET 2004

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 <ajsiegel at> wrote 

>The fact that production programming
>concerns are introduced  at that stage of the game is, I think, where
>many who would otherwise have an intellectual intererst in programming
>fall of the wagon. 

Obviously you assume I try to torture people with that task of "production programming" as you name it. That is absoluteley not my stile. Exactly prevention was the reason I was looking for a solution in the meagre and precise form of the word "final" in python as well to hand it as a tool to the people. So to my regret I recognize now that in python there is a comparable self explaining solution as in JAVA not avalaible and I have to split off that in many (even simple) applications very helpful and as a programming concept interesting feature. 

But I hope you will not be convinced that explaining the meaning and applying the five letters of the JAVA-modifier "final" is too much for a one year JAVA course for university scientists? Even after PISA - that is not only an italien city - I can not belief that! 

Would you say that after that year in addition to the usual contents a production programmers level is reached?

And another question is the definition of "beginner". (Is a person with some expierience in Word, Excel and Powerpoint a programming-beginner or an programming-expert?) I feel myself as a beginner, as I have no deep python experiance, but a lot with other languages in different fields. So I am sorry I have to ask so silly questions, like the "final" one. But I have to check the borders of the possibilities. 

I hope for the world and for the sake of future of industrialized nations that I am not wrong!


PS: I hope that purification makes me free from the subliminal reproach to be a torturer. And I hope that my bad english will not spoil my message. 

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