python vs. Perl

Eric @ Zomething eric at
Thu Feb 19 06:11:30 CET 2004

> From: Chris Herborth <chrish at> wrote

> What I _have_ been using Perl for over the last, oh, 7+ years, is complex 
> search and replace... it makes a fantastic sed replacement.
> Over the last 9 years, I've been working mostly in SGML and XML, and having 
> a killer search/replace tool really makes life easier for tweaking things in 
> documents.

I clicked on a Perl related article:

Interesting.  Is this the earliest sign of the end of Perl's promenence?  If "Perl" thinks "Perl" needs major changes, maybe it is edging up on its evolutionary limit?

Nested Reg-Ex sounds interesting, though even the concept gives me a headache (I am imagining some very convoluted Perl code)

More pertinent to Python, what is this Parrot (compiler?) engine, and what thought has been given to it in terms of advantages it might (or might not) bring to Python?  Would that confound the Python/C++ synergy?  Would it allow Python to run faster?  Is Parrot designed with true general intentions, or designed just for a better Perl?

I imagine Perl and Python running side by side, at the same speed, and this gradual but mass crossing over from the dark side...  and code, everywhere, I can read!


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