An XML parser is an XML parser. Period.

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Feb 12 19:38:26 CET 2004

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> Are you seriously telling me that in the face of all this, my
> criticism, strongly worded as it is, is unfair?

> The bad news is that it's only available from ReportLab CVS.
> My article is now out and includes details for obtaining PyRXPU:

Let's just say that by mentioning pyRXPU as an alternative packaging
which does support Unicode, and by saying after testing it out that 
"It's good to have this confidence that PyRXPU is a conforming XML parser,"
I don't have any serious complaint about the criticism.

Nice article, by the way.  And thanks for taking the time to research and
write it!


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