Pick out ip-address

Alexander Födisch foedisch at eva.mpg.de
Wed Feb 18 09:01:53 CET 2004

Jeff Epler schrieb:

>On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 06:56:15PM +0100, Alexander Födisch wrote:
>>It doesn't work!
>>I think "LANG=""/sbin/ifconfig'+interface" and "LANG="" /sbin/ifconfig 
>>%s' % (interface,)" is the same.
>It's the space between "" and /sbin/ifconfig that is important, as well
>as the space between "ifconfig" and "ippp0".  An example, from a terminal
>    $ LANG=""echo testing
>    bash: testing: command not found
>    $ LANG="" echo testing
>    testing
>maybe it still doesn't work because there's a problem other than the one
>I spotted.
I think so there's another problem. But I don't know where...


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