Some language proposals.

Paul Prescod paul at
Wed Feb 25 09:58:47 CET 2004

Jacek Generowicz wrote:

> Chicken and Egg.
> Sapir-Whorf.
> I sumbit to you that read-only closures are rare in Python because
> they are a recent addition to the language.
> I sumbit to you that read-write closures are so much rarer still,
> because they require an ugly hack to work.

I disagree. Closures are rare in Python because Python is primarily an 
OOP language.

"""The venerable master Qc Na was walking with his student, Anton. 
Hoping to prompt the master into a discussion, Anton said "Master, I 
have heard that objects are a very good thing - is this true?"  Qc Na 
looked pityingly at his student and replied, "Foolish pupil - objects 
are merely a poor man's closures."

Chastised, Anton took his leave from his master and returned to his 
cell, intent on studying closures.  He carefully read the entire 
"Lambda: The Ultimate..." series of papers and its cousins, and 
implemented a small Scheme interpreter with a closure-based object 
system.  He learned much, and looked forward to informing his master of 
his progress.

On his next walk with Qc Na, Anton attempted to impress his master by 
saying "Master, I have diligently studied the matter, and now understand 
that objects are truly a poor man's closures."  Qc Na responded by 
hitting Anton with his stick, saying "When will you learn? Closures are 
a poor man's object."  At that moment, Anton became enlightened. """

  Paul Prescod

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