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P.C. <per.corell at privat.dk> wrote:
>Guess my question is, if it is possible to find a compiler that is fit
>for amatures, one that an amature will not have to fight before it is
>ready to use. One where you ,as when I learned programming , don't need
>to be a compiler specialist before you even learn programming.

Python doesn't use a compiler per se; like Perl, it's an interpreted
language, similar to using a VisualBasic macro in Word (though without
the baggage of Word, of course).  If you're using a Windows computer,
just download a copy of Python from http://www.python.org/

If you've got a Linux box, you probably already have Python available.
Try typing "python" at the shell prompt.

Either way, Python is popular among teenagers, and we've had several on
comp.lang.python, including one from the Netherlands.  I'm assuming
he'll show up soon and offer to talk to your son directly.  ;-)

You'll also want to take a look at
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