Pythons Mcmillan Installer : cannot load shared lib

Ajay Bakhshi abakhshi at
Sun Feb 22 18:01:07 CET 2004

I found the problem.
The shared library was compiled with aCC -AA flag while the Mcmillan
Installer was built with cc -Ae. 
I just changed the Installer so that at the time of creation of the (only
this step) support/run and support/run_d, I use aCC -AA. As a matter of fact
aCC -Aa also works.
-Ajay B
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Subject: Pythons Mcmillan Installer : cannot load shared lib
I have Python-2.2.3/
Mcmillian Installer: _5b5_5
System:            HP 11.11   64 bit.
Installer + Python were build with 64 bit support (Compiler flag: +DD64)
I have a Python file that calls "C" functions written in an
extension module. Now these "C" functions (in the shared library) load
another shared library using dlopen. 
When I run python this works just fine. 
When the same shared library is opened from a "C" executable, that also
works fine.
BUT when I convert into an executable (Using Mcmillian Installer: <>  - The web site
not working anymore) dlopen gives error.
And dlopen gives the following error:
 Failed to open the library.  Err: './nwsnapmgr//libcl.2' contains a static
TLS refere
nce to '__thread_specific_seg' defined in a dynamically loaded library
2'. Use +tls=dynamic to re-compile './nwsnapmgr//libcl.2'.
Failed to Load DLL /usr/lib/  or Procedure does not exist
thanks for any help
-Ajay B
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