Python Productivity Gain?

Matthias no at spam.pls
Fri Feb 20 23:46:05 CET 2004

Paul Prescod <paul at> writes:

> Matthias wrote:
> >  This industry is on a random walk... ;-))
> Despite the smiley I think it is worth putting this in
> perspective. Take a random language implementation from 1975 and try
> implementing something in it. I think that you will find strong
> anecdotal evidence that Things Are Getting Better. It is a
> frustratingly slow and inefficient but one that nevertheless seems to
> move in the right direction.

In 1975 I would have chosen Scheme to implement something.  Had people
in 1975 added indentation-based syntax and some useful-and-documented
libs to it... ;-)

But I agree that I wouldn't want to switch my hardware/software
environment against one from 25 years ago.  Or 3 for that matter.

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