Creating Self Extracting Zip using Python

Calvin FONG hoi.wai at
Wed Feb 18 17:32:27 CET 2004

Josiah Carlson wrote:
>> Thank Josiah, in fact, which newsgroup should I post
> It depends on what operating system you are running on.  Perhaps one of 
> the comp.os.* newsgroups would be more topical, or even comp.compression.
> The reason this is not the correct newsgroup is because yours was not a 
> Python question.  A Python question would be something like, "How do I 
> run external programs from within Python?", which would result in 
> pointers to os.popen or os.system.  On the other hand, reordering your 
> question to make more sense to english speakers (without losing meaning):
> "I am using Powerarchiver.  It does not support all of the command-line 
> options that I desire.  Can someone point me to a program that creates 
> self-extracting archives with better command-line support?"
> You'll notice that your question has nothing to do with Python.  It is 
> about zip files and executables.
>  - Josiah
Thank Josiah,
	I get your point.

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