[ANN]PyCrash 0.2 released

max khesin max at NcOviSsPiAoMntech.com
Thu Feb 5 20:29:18 CET 2004

Carmine Noviello wrote:

>>Sounds great but... Why GPL (and not python)? It will prevent a lot of 
>>us working grunts from using the module in the Commanie's code... And we 
>>want MORE python!
>>my 0.5c
> I have chosen the GPL without any special reason: I know it and so I
> simply used it. I’m not a license expert: I write code, no contracts.
> However, my major intent is to contribute to python community with this
> tool: so, if the type of licence can be a problem for the end-user I’m
> ready to change it in the future.
> Bye

GPL license has a two-fold agenda (whether you like it or not):
- to protect the developer from liability (with our crazy lawers it is 
necessary for to protect yourself from some idiot misusing your generous 
- (this is a political-socioeconomic one) to spread GPL virally into 
code that uses it to achieve world peace, prosperity and whatever in the 
way Richard Stallman envisions it. This is a complicated issue, and I 
personally prefer to avoid commiting my code to this vision without 
fully understanding the implications. What it basically means to me is 
that I cannot use your code at work, which is annoying.

An easy solution for you is to specify Python license with your code. 
(And I would be personally grateful)


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