[ANN] Atox 0.2 released

Istvan Albert ZZZ-ialbert-ZZZ at mailblocks-ZZZ.com-ZZZ
Sun Feb 15 01:12:02 CET 2004

Richard James wrote:

> But, I wasted a lot of valuable time and credibility trying to sell
> NOGUI uh... ANYGUI for in house rapid MS Windows gui development to my
> boss and co-workers.
> I don't know how many times I said: I'm sure the next release is just
> around the corner. And it will run on ANY gui that our customers have
> installed!!!!!

The question that pops into one's mind here is why would you promise
things that are completely out of your control? I understand your
frustration with unfinished or dead projects but let's remember that
for each successful project there will be hundreds that die off and there
is nothing wrong with that. Survival of the fittest.


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