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Angelo Secchi secchi at
Wed Feb 25 20:56:57 CET 2004

I checked with a statistical software(SAS) and I was able to convert my
file using as a format something called s370frb4. that according to its
manual should correspond to a float in C and to a REAL*4 in fortran. Now
I know that the first 3 numbers in the binary part should be exactly: 

15612852 	0	 0

I also notice using struct module that

>>> struct.pack('i',15612852)

>>> struct.pack('i',0 )

not very different (just the order and the F around) from the beginning
of the binary part of my file


Can these infos help anybody to help me?
Thanks again hoping to be able to throe away any proprietary sofware...

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 18:49:27 +0100
anton at (Anton Vredegoor) wrote:

> Angelo Secchi <secchi at> wrote:
> >
> >I'm fighting with a binary file and I am definitely lost.
> >I know that each line of the file has a first part that is a string
> >with length 113 and then that there is a group of identical fields. I
> >do not know the precise format of these fields even if I know that
> >the file was created on an IBM Mainframe and that in the binary part
> >there should be 223 fields with the same width 4.
> >Just to give you an idea if I read the first line of my file  as a
> >string I obtain something like (just a small part of the first line):
> >
> >13510010222010341341F\xee;\xb4\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00F]\xe3
> >\x9 a\x00
> >
> >
> >Still I am not able to convert this binary. Can anybody give some
> >advices?
> The string above contains escape sequences, so sometimes four
> characters correspond to one byte, sometimes a char is just a byte.
> This is not really present in the file but just an artifact of the way
> you chose to print it. In order to gain more insight:
> #open the file in binary mode e.g: 
> inf = file('somefile','rb')
> #read 1 line e.g:
> line = inf.readline()
> #turn this line into a list of characters:
> L = list(line)
> #Inspect the list L and come back here with further questions,
> #if you have any :-)
> print L
> Anton
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