installing mod_python -- sharing experiences

Wolfgang Lipp lipp at
Mon Feb 16 09:49:00 CET 2004

i should add that one must make sure that sufficient
rights are granted to whatever account the apache
service is run under to read and execute not only in the
web application directory, but also *in the python
directory* -- i guess this point is easily missed. as a
quick check whether this may be one of your problems
(which normally results in the message ``could not
import mod_python.apache`` in the apache errors log
file) you can =either= temporarily set the apache
service account to administrator (provided you have the
rights to do so) =or=, alternatively, go to the python
directory and grant the ``SYSTEM`` account execution
rights. of course, this does not work on fat32 volumes.
-- hope these tips in conjunction with my preceding
posting help people fly their apps,


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