Executing a file remotely

Jorgen Grahn jgrahn-nntq at algonet.se
Mon Feb 16 17:58:34 CET 2004

On 12 Feb 2004 14:46:54 -0800, Hank <soundwave56 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> This is strictly for automated software testing on windows. Test
> scripts on one machine, application under test on another machine.
> This is why i need to run files remotely.
> I couldn't find any specific python code that would do the job, so I
> just use PsExec from www.sysinternals.com. I wouldn't consider it as a
> security breach because it does require user name and password.

In that case you'd be better off with a good port of ssh, which encrypts
passwords and traffic (although it probably doesn't matter much if both
machines are on a LAN where lots of Windows passwords already travel in the


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