JPG - PNG conversion problem

Frantisek Fuka fuka at
Sun Feb 1 20:18:15 CET 2004

Mark Borgerding wrote:
> Raaijmakers, Vincent (GE Infrastructure) wrote:
>> Who can explain the huge increase in size when I convert a JPG into a 
>> PNG format using PythonMagick:
>> I read the JPG from a video server and has a resolution of 352x240, 
>> size is about 15k
>> After my PNG conversion and resizing the resolution to 160*120, the 
>> size is 64k!!
> Is the output png a color palette image?  See if you can get acceptable 
> results by limiting the color palette to 256 colors or so.

The problem (although it's hard to call this "problem") is that PNG is 
losless format, whereas JPG is not. What you are doing is akin to 
converting JPGs to BMP or TIF.

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