QT usage confusion

Brian codeapocalypse at msn.com
Sun Feb 1 03:38:34 CET 2004

Marco Bubke <marco at bubke.de> wrote in message news:<bu6k89$bav$1 at graf.cs.uni-magdeburg.de>...

> There is a new Book(look at www.trolltech.com) with the Qt 3.2.1 Windows
> non-commerial Version.

Note that on the pyqt-dev mailing list, Phil Thompson has stated that
he has not decided whether or not to support the new non-comm Windows

Personally, I'm waiting to hear if he'll decide to support (wrap)
ActiveQt, the Qt module for support of Microsoft's ActiveX components.
 It might then be possible to convince my work mgmt. to buy a slew of
BlackAdder copies.  ;)

For more about ActiveQt, see

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