Python + COM problem. :(

Ixokai usenet at
Mon Feb 9 05:13:51 CET 2004

Well, yes, I know its specific to that machine.. i said that :) I just
thought it might have something to do with something wrong w/ my python
installation, since i've tried a repair-- reboots-- and reinstallations of
Office, all to no avail.


"Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote in message
news:c06c5r$1qe8$1 at
> Ixokai wrote:
> > Greetings...
> >
> > I'm working on automating Word, and have run into an interesting problem
> > one workstation. If Word is not already running, then I can't run the
> > 'Dispatch' to get the word application. On my PC at work, that's not the
> > case.
> It is a problem specific to that machine then!  Check that there aren't
> any "phantom" word processes still running - use the Task Manager.
> Otherwise, use the Office CD to 'repair' the installation.
> Mark.

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