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Richard James rmb25612 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 1 10:47:42 CET 2004

"Olivier" <olivier.marechal at laposte.net> wrote in message news:<401c25a3$0$11357$636a55ce at news.free.fr>...
> Where could I find a good documentation about wxPython (a documentation
> which is not for C++ !!!)
> Olivier

If C++ docs are "easy" to convert in your head to Python.
It does help if YOU KNOW how to program C++ first.
So much for learning Python as a first computer language!
And if you have to learn C++ first, then why do you need Python?

Why do all programmers seem to think good documention is optional?
Or an exercise left to the reader?

Documentation quality tells a lot about the programmer.
If a programmer can't communicate to his users how his program works.
It is a warning sign that the program has not been fully designed, but
hacked together haphazardly.

And why would you even want to try and use poorly designed software?

Say, like on the Spirit Mars Rover.

-- Richard

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