using Numarray in a "standalone" situation

Paul Miller paul at
Thu Feb 5 18:17:42 CET 2004

Hey folks - got an interesting problem here.

I have an embedded Python interpreter and I'm packing the app, 
python23.dll, and a subset of the Python 23 Lib directory for the utility 
modules I need to use (so far, only os and random). I also need to use 
numarray and I've copied the numarray directory into my standalone Lib 

Within my code, I have set sys.path to point to my standalone Lib 
directory, so in theory it shouldn't be looking in C:/Python23 for any 
modules, but when I try to import numarray I see it still sees C:/Python23.

What other stuff do I need to do to make my integrated interpreter and 
scripts I load to only see my standalone Lib directory as the Python library?

I hope this makes sense!

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