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> Hey,
> I have been trying to parse emails:
> But I could not find any examples or snippets of
> parsing emails in python from the documentation.
> Google did not help me much too.
> I am trying to understand the module 'email' and the
> functions described there to parse email but seems
> difficult.
> Can anyone help me in locating some pointers or
> snippets on this issue.
> Thanks a Ton
> Dont

You may want to study the MIME format a
bit first. It's not a particularly simple format.

The final example in the email documentation
seems to be fairly straightforward. The line:

msg = email.message_from_file(fp)

does everything and leaves the result in
memory as objects.

Of course, this is the *new* email package
that is in 2.2.3 and later. I don't believe the
old one was particularly easy to work with.

John Roth

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