server bootstrapping upon connection (WARNING: LONG)

Krzysztof Stachlewski stach at
Wed Feb 11 13:00:32 CET 2004

"Benjamin Han" <this at is.for.spambot> wrote in message
news:2004021019594716807%this at isforspambot...

> > I just wanted to say, that even if the server is
> > listening on that port, that connection attempts may fail.
> How is it possible? Could you explain a bit more?

Your server may be accepting connections slower than
the speed at which new connections are coming.
In such situation your operating system maintains a list
of those awaiting connections. You can control the length of
this list with the "backlog" parameter of the "listen" function.
If the list is full, new connections may simply be dropped
as if the server was not listening at all.


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