Nostalgic instruction sequences (Re: Python Productivity Gain?)

Greg Ewing (using wmwd2zz02 at
Wed Feb 25 03:13:50 CET 2004

Gordon Airport wrote:
> I used someting similar to his to hack Macintoshes in high school: SM 0 
> a9f4, G 0, entered at the magic h4X0r prompt. I have no idea what it's 
> actually doing, but you could bypass At Ease with it ;-)

SM 0 a9f4          writes a9 f4 into memory at address 0
G 0                starts executing at address 0

A9F4 is the ExitToShell A-trap, which terminates the
current process. Looks like AtEase was rather easy to
bypass -- all you had to do was kill it!

Nobody's tried to claim their virtual chocolate fish yet,
btw. If you want a clue, the CPU was a National SC/MP...

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University of Canterbury,	
Christchurch, New Zealand

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