Python as replacement for PHP?

Bart Nessux bart_nessux at
Fri Feb 27 22:08:01 CET 2004

Erik Johnson wrote:
> This is somewhat a NEWBIE question...
>     My company maintains a small RDBS driven website. We currently generate
> HTML using PHP.  I've hacked a bit in Python, and generally think it is a
> rather cool language. I've done Perl and like it, there are a few features
> of PHP I like but overall am not too excited about it. I have found PHP's
> strtotime() function to be quite flexible and handy and we make liberal use
> of it.
>         6) All the other standard evangeslistic points about why Python is
> better than <your favorite language here>, some of which may be valid to us,
> some probably not. To those that have used PHP: what am I potentially losing
> that Python really can't replace?
>     So, I'm hoping there are some people out there that actually have some
> expereience with both Python & PHP and can give me some solid, informed
> advice about PHP vs. Python, in general and particularly on the following
> points: (NOT Python evangelism please: I've already heard most of it, I've
> espoused a pretty good dose myself - frankly, I'm willing to buy most of it,
> but I've got a serious business decision to make here).

When it comes to dynamic, DB driven sites, PHP is the only way to go. 
Python is not even close to being suited for this task. PHP claims to be 
a general-purpose language, but I do not know anyone who uses it for 
anything other than dynamic Web programming.

A serious business decision? PHP would be the only winner here. You 
should not even be considering another language for this, it borders on 
stupidity. We use Python & C for backend processing, systems 
administration and other general programming tasks, but the front-end 
(the Websites) are pure PHP.

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