configuring ODBC DSN with a python script

omission9 rus20376 at
Fri Feb 6 17:40:30 CET 2004

"Robert Brewer" <fumanchu at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1260.1076005686.12720.python-list at>...
> Jani Yusef wrote:
> > I am building an application which, unfortunately, 
> > *must* use an access db...
> > how do I configure the ODBC dsn without having the
> > user open up the ODBC control panel which will in
> > all honesty just scare and confuse them. ;)
> I opined:
> > the thought crosses my mind that ODBC entries are merely a lump 
> > of registry keys--you might just create or even copy those 
> > programatically. That would be my first attempt.
> and omission9 added:
> > Below is some code which more or less implements this...
> Great work! I knew *someone* must have tried that before. :)
> > One thing is that the system dsn created works perfectly fine but for
> > whatever reason doesn't show up in the odbc control panel. I am not
> > very well versed in Windows specific programming so am not sure why
> > that is but would like to know why. Anybody know why that is?
> First guess: you need an entry in
OK, at the risk of strating to get a little OT.......
That looks to be correct but when I go to modify ODBC Data Sources as
I have with the other reg keys I get an access denied error. Any idea
about that?

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