beeline through tkinter

Lonnie Princehouse fnord at
Sat Feb 14 05:03:51 CET 2004

Yes, Python is probably too slow for a competitive chess engine. 
Pychess works, but it's about two orders of magnitude slower than it
would be in C.  I haven't tried it with Psyco; that might help

That said, it's a breeze to write C extensions for Python.  It makes a
lot of sense to write the GUI in Python and have the crunchy bits in

(It took me a few hours to write the chess board GUI posted in this
thread, and it would have taken a lot longer in C, not to mention the
portability advantage of an interpreted language)

"RPM1" <rpm1deleteme at> wrote in message news:<c0jktm$175t8l$1 at>...
> "Elaine Jackson" <elainejackson7355 at> wrote ...
> > So far I've got a script that translates a pgn file into text that can be
> > typeset in a chess font to produce a pictorial representation of the game
>  in
> > question. With a graphical interface it will eventually evolve into a pgn
> > viewer/analyzer.
> >
> Cool.  Over the years I've tinkered with very basic chess programs
> written in various programming languages.  I found python to be too
> slow, (although I wonder if Numeric or Psyco might make it feasible).
> There is a chess program written in python:
> but it is very slow and pretty weak.
> Good luck with the viewer,
> Patrick

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