Complex Nested Dictionaries

Edward C. Jones edcjones at
Sun Feb 22 00:19:32 CET 2004

T. Earle wrote:
> Scot,
> I really appreciate your help and code.  It really helps me to understand
> the underlying solution to my problem.  I have another question though,
> what's the best way to test if the headline already exists?  If it does not,
> I need to create it along with the required associated data; however, if it
> already exists, I need to test to ensure I'm not already adding data that's
> already there (e.g., time and/or state already exists).  Basically, I
> envision, if the state already exists all I need to do is add the new zone.
> I probably should check to make sure the zone doesn't already exists too.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I believe it would be similiar to
> what Russell mentioned in his previous responce:
> "if list a[key] exists, then append; otherwise, create a new list"
> Would it be possible to supply a code snippet of this logic to get me
> started?  What are state and time?  Is it possible to use the "key" keyword
> on these variables to test for their existence?  I apologize for my lack of
> knowledge in this particular realm of programming in Python.  Nested
> dictionaries have always given me trouble.
> Thanks,
> T. Earle

Check out "" at "".

Ed Jones

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