software design question

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Tue Feb 10 23:29:56 CET 2004

>>No !
>>My modules are normally between 1000-3000 lines. Having to much files
>>(worst case scenario is PHP) is just another form of spaghetti code.
>>With so small files you should focus on the task that needs to be done
>>and only if you really do two different things in one module you
>>should decide to split it. Maybe a merge would help you more then
> What IDE /Editor do you use? I currently use Emacs and I find it very hard
> to skip back and forth between methods and functions in larger files.

I would imagine he uses his own editor:

I also don't have any issues editing 1-3k line files using my own 
editor: (PyPE itself is ~3900 lines).

I believe the major difference, at least in terms of scalability, has to 
do with the existance of a browsable source tree (aka a class browser). 
  It has helped me significantly.

  - Josiah

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