error: 'staticmethod' object is not callable

Michael Hudson mwh at
Wed Feb 11 16:20:23 CET 2004

Michal Vitecek <fuf at> writes:

> Peter Otten wrote:
> >You are wrapping method2() twice:
> >
> >class A(object):
> >    def method(parA):
> >        print "in A.method()"
> >    method = staticmethod(staticmethod(method))
> >
> >A.method("first")
> >
> >Why would you expect this to work?
>  i don't expect this to work. i just don't get it why python allows this
>  double wrapping of a method. it cannot be used for anything reasonable,
>  can it?

Hmm, in Python 2.3 the classmethod constructor checks its argument for
callability, but the staticmethod constructor doesn't seem to.  I
guess this is just oversight...


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