xmlprclib/server not reusing connections

Roger Binns rogerb at rogerbinns.com
Wed Feb 25 03:27:54 CET 2004

> This is why I developed Stackless Python.
> It behaves in a similar way, acting like many callbacks,
> but you +write* your code in the most natural way possible.
> In a way, Stackless takes all the clumsy state keeping stuff
> away from the programmer and frees his mind to write simple
> top-down programs with no callbacks.

I certainly agree with that and really like your examples.

However my code also has to use wxPython, win32all, pySerial, M2Crypto
and libusb.  I have no idea if all those are integrated correctly with 
Stackless (and work correctly on Linux, Windows and Mac), but I was
certainly not going to be the first person to find out.  And I would
still have to have fixed xmlrpc client/server portions to reuse
connections properly anyway.


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