Unicode operators? (Re: Custom operator)

Greg Ewing (using news.cis.dfn.de) g2h5dqi002 at sneakemail.com
Thu Feb 19 03:27:08 CET 2004

Dan Bishop wrote:
> There are still three ASCII characters that aren't used in Python:
> '@', '$', and '?'.  I don't see any obvious mathematical meaning for
> them, though.

There was an idea floating around a while back to define
'@' as matrix multiplication, so the Numeric people could
use it. Hasn't happened yet, though.

Hmmm... Now that we can have Unicode source, maybe any
otherwise-unused Unicode punctuation character could be
allowed as an operator. The corresponding method name
would be character's Unicode name with double underscores

There's the problem of precedence... maybe that could
be defined by the Unicode collating sequence... :-)

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