Why learn Python ??

Derek none at none.com
Mon Jan 12 23:35:58 CET 2004

"Cameron Laird" in message:
> I contest the proposition that "Python is less than stellar
> at large applications ...", and, in particular, that C++ is
> super- ior there.  I recognize you're not alone in that;
> for me, though, large-scale programming is one of Python's
> *strengths*.
> I don't have a good decision mechanism to propose.  Trial by
> ordeal (and most large-team projects fit in that category)
> seems as apt as any.

All I know is that there are thousands of extremely large projects
written in C++, some consisting of millions of lines of code written
by hundreds of developers.  C++, while far from perfect, has proven
its worth on a huge scale.  Python, at the very least, has yet to do

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