interface to win job scheduler portable from win98 .. winXP / cmdline or COM ?

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Tue Jan 20 09:56:38 CET 2004

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>From: Robert [mailto:k.robert at]
>I found the os.popen("AT /?") way ....
>however it works not on Win98 and the "Day" you enter at the 
>AT are language
>dependent.  (e.g. Mi(ttwoch) in german, We(dnesday) in english Windows
>I need a solution work from Win98..WinXP most independent from
>internationalization etc.
>is there portable way - or at all a way to manipulate the 
>Win98/ME scheduler
>if no simple means, even COM stuff would be ok.
>any pointers?

WMI looks like it covers it, but only NT4 / Win2K / XP.
Oh, sorry, I've just realised: the Win32_ScheduledJob 
actually refers to the AT service (despite the name!)

If you're really looking for something which will work
across every version of Windows, I think you're better
off doing something entirely Python from the start. It
shouldn't be hard (he says, having not tried it himself). 
The advantage is: it will work everywhere and you have 
complete control over it. The disadvantage is: you have 
to create your own interface and deal with whatever 
issues the existing mechanisms have already dealt with.


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