Python Consultants?

Dan arsanalytica at
Thu Jan 22 22:15:20 CET 2004

I am working on a python/zope web application and could really use
some *expert* help on a short term basis.

Is there an appropriate forum for trolling for Python Consultants?

Here are a pair XML problems that are available:

#1) Setup to convert these xml files
into a vector of open,close,volume information suitable for use with a
numerical Python module.  Doing this quickly is a plus.
Here are the dtds of interest:
#2) Expose the SOAP functionality from
generated WSDL files, here is an example WSDL
See for more info on the API.  A Python
solution is preferred but a work around which uses Java and the Apache Axis library and an appropriate gateway from
python might also be acceptable.  Results from an attempt at using ZSI
to process the WSDL file is appended to this message.

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