I come not to bury C++, but to praise it...

Rainer Deyke rainerd at eldwood.com
Wed Jan 14 20:47:01 CET 2004

Derek wrote:
> I also use C++ and Python as my main languages and I agree with your
> comments.  However, I don't agree that Python is inherently "safer"
> than C++.  At best I see it as a tie.  For example, C++ let's you
> corrupt memory among other "unsafe" things, most of which can be
> avoided by using standard containers, smart pointers, etc.  Python
> lets you do "unsafe" things such as passing an object to a function
> when it makes no sense to do so, which can lead to nasty runtime
> surprises.

What I meant by "safer" is that the worst thing that usually happens in a
defective Python program is that it terminates with an exception, complete
with traceback.  A defective C++ program can do a lot worse.

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