Newbie: Python equivalent to Delphi TTable

Gandalf gandalf at
Wed Jan 7 11:26:09 CET 2004

Please try the kinterbasdb module.
You can find it here:

Probably you can find all necessary information there.
What you want is a cursor. However, the TTable component is buffered. 
You can go forward and backward in the dataset.
AFAIK, cursors in DB API 2.0 are unidirectional. Thus, you must make 
your own buffering if you want to be able to go
forward and backward too. Another note: these cursors do not support 
updates but you can write a class easily that suit
your needs.

   Laci 1.0

Ashley Lloyd wrote:

> Hi all,
> I don't know how many of you are very familiar with Delphi, but we're 
> looking for anything that offers the user a similar kind of interface 
> to an Interbase table as Delphi components TTable, TIBOTable, etc 
> (findkey, etc). If anyone knows of anything allowing us to do this, 
> I'd be grateful.
> Sorry that this no doubt sounds a little vague, I just can't really 
> explain it any better!
> Ashley
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