Lists are weird when they are instance members

python newbie mesteve_b at
Sun Jan 4 00:33:36 CET 2004

I didn't say that right.  I meant to say that I now finally understood
what's going on now, with your replies, but I will take a slight break from
the app I'm writing, and do some ingesting of the core Python concepts.

"python newbie" <mesteve_b at> wrote in message
news:VfIJb.5485$kp4.731 at
> thanks for the helpful replies.
>  I guess I was just in confusion as to why I was able to leave alone the
> string variables in class FileGroup, such
> as sourceDir and destinDir, and nothing unpredictable happened with those,
> but with the list variable, I had to treat differently.
>  But after I again read closely, Python In a Nutshell, I'm sure I will
> understand.

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