Do (USA) Python conferences require a coast?

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>It looks like PyCon
>is always in Washington, DC.  I try to avoid DC.

It's kind of hard to say "always" about a conference that hasn't had its
second iteration yet.  ;-)

>is also essentially in DC (Alexandria, VA).

"Is"?  That was two years ago.  The "formal" Python conference is now
associated with OSCON, which does tend to be on the west coast.

There's absolutely no reason why someone couldn't organize a PyCon
somewhere other than D.C. -- that's specifically why it's called "DC
2004" and why we called the last one "DC 2003".  However, it's not clear
how much of a market there is for additional PyCons; given that the
change to PyCon/OSCON is only a year old, and given that the economy
hasn't fully recovered, you might want to plan your event for sometime in
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