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Miranda Evans mirandacascade at
Sun Jan 25 22:41:57 CET 2004

"Hoang" <tr at> wrote in message news:<9pwQb.5566$vy6.3518 at>...
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> > Try Venster:
> >
> >
> > IIRC the script includes a progress bar.
> I wonder what possessed someone to start another GUI framework.  Aren't
> there more than enough existing ones?  The reasoning for it wasn't
> immediately apparent on the web page.
> Hoang Do

Newbie questions...what is meant by the term 'GUI framework'?  I'm
aware of Tkinter, wxPython and PythonCard (which, I believe builds
from a wxPython foundation).  Also, it appears as though pywin.mfc has
GUI capabilities.  Are Tkinter, wxPython, PythonCard and pywin.mfc
considered GUI frameworks?  Based on the 'more than enough...' remark,
it sounds like there are several GUI frameworks out there...what are
some others?

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