perl bug File::Basename and Perl's nature

Joe Mason joe at
Mon Jan 26 02:53:31 CET 2004

In article <tmqa10d6a542ma6k1ao6tnupvj0gbtser7 at>, Michele Dondi wrote:
> Also, you may have noticed it, but this is a discussion group about
> *Perl* and people here is highly likely to be fond of Perl, appreciate
> its "nature" and so on... so what did you expect to receive as an
> answer to your post?

No it's not.  This is a newsgroup about Ruby.  And that's a newsgroup
about Python.  And that over there's a newsgroup about Scheme.

Only one of these groups is actually about Perl, so I've set the
followups there.  The troll is actually on-topic there.  Please keep
your replies there, too.


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